Friday, August 1, 2014


After we visited Beth and came home for a day, we left again to go see two DCI (Drum Corps International) shows: one in Charlotte NC, one in Salem VA.

Damson enjoying the Blue Devils show, "Fellini-esque" (they're in first for the season so far)

Chilling by the rooftop pool in Charlotte

The view from the rooftop pool

The view off the side of the roof at the hotel

Ahh, poolside relaxation
A tiny glimpse of the mountains, driving from Charlotte to Salem

Carolina Crown (my personal favorite corps and 4th in the season so far)
does an encore presentation at the Salem show while judges calculate scores
If you've never been to a DCI show, you should check it out sometime. There's just nothing like having your face blown off on the 50-yard-line by a spectacular horn line, and DCI has the most spectacular of them all. Plus, supporting the arts is always a good thing.

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