Saturday, May 31, 2014

Around Home

Damson and I spent the majority of last weekend cleaning the apartment, and he wanted to show off some of our hard work. Also a little bit of fun...

Can you find Damson among the knick-knacks? (Yes, a lot of our photo frames
are empty or still have the models in them... a few of them were wedding gifts
and I haven't ordered prints of the wedding photos yet.)

A shelf that has been plaguing me is now neat and orderly!
(If you're wondering about that thing on top, it's a cassette tape box
that my dad hand-lettered, probably before I was born.
It's upside-down because I can't make it balance on the handle.)

Gimli says we can't fold laundry just now. He's too busy shedding all over the black shirts.

After we rearranged where all the clothes go, we needed Post-It notes to
remind us where we put everything!

Crafting break! Damson is handy with a cross-stitching needle!

Another break, this time for WoW.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Towel Day

Happy belated Towel Day! Damson helped me clean the apartment all Memorial Day weekend, so for Towel Day, I let him help me dust with a washcloth... Still a pretty big "towel" for such a little Little Visitor!

I've been under the weather (kind of literally... pollen and storms causing weird air pressure have been ganging up on me to cause a general icky feeling) but I'm starting to feel better, so we can hopefully go back to having photographable fun soon!

Thursday, May 22, 2014


I am super excited to announce that we got to go see the duck!!! Florentijn Hofman created Rubber Duck to bring people together and spread joy, and it travels the world to do exactly that... and this week, it's in Norfolk at the Chrysler Museum of Art!!!

And it was a beautiful day to go see the duck, too. It was our last chance, because we're going out of town this holiday weekend and the duck is leaving on Monday.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Damson in Toronto

What an exhausting weekend! We had flight delays (first the kind where they cancel your flight before you're even headed to the airport, then the kind where you sit boarded at the gate and wait for someone to fix part of the airplane), excessive walking (we were originally sent away from the Rogers Centre for my purse being too big), etc. etc. BUT we're home now, and we had a bunch of fun in Toronto!
At the concert in the Rogers Centre... pretty sure that's about 10,000 people behind him!

Avicii is on!

Pretty fountain

Travel buddies!

Damson and Piper check out some public art

Lake Ontario!

The CN Tower

More public art for Piper & Damson

The CN Tower from further away

We visited Toronto's Chinatown...

...and tried spicy Dan Dan Noodles!

My travel buddy, Christopher, makes faces with Damson
while we wait for our planes to arrive at the Toronto airport


So we're back, safe and sound, and have lots more adventures on the way! If it seems like we didn't do much in Toronto, we were only there two days (after an initial 17-hour delay because of storms keeping us from leaving Norfolk) over a holiday weekend (Monday was Victoria Day) so a lot of things were closed. And my legs beg to differ... Damson isn't feeling it because he had me to carry him around in my purse, but I had to walk everywhere, and my legs are sore!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Birthday Cookies

We did even more baking! These are for Husband's birthday... his favorite! I've never made them before, and Damson was very helpful.

Unwrapping all the Hershey's Kisses takes longer than I anticipated.

Delicious fruits cookies of our labor!

Piper and Damson pose with a few of each of the cookies we've made
together over the past several days.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Mothers' Day Cookies

I made cookies for all my moms (mom, stepmom, mom-in-law) for Mothers' Day this year. Damson helped me out with the tricky ones: gluten free chocolate-butterscotch cookies for my stepmom!

Helping me add the chocolate chips and butterscotch chips

No, Damson! Don't lick the beaters; that has raw egg in it...

Showing off the finished product.

Yum! There were also walnut butter balls for Mom (which had a lot of powdered sugar so he had to be careful not to get dusted) and raspberry cookies for mom-in-law (which were very messy and I had concerns about raspberry juice stains, so he kept his distance from those, too).

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Colbert Talks Norfolk

The other night, I was catching up on the previous night's Daily Show and Colbert Report, and what do I see but Stephen Colbert talking about Norfolk!!! (Yes, I'm from Virginia Beach, but Norfolk is like downtown Virginia Beach. We might as well be the same city.)

There's a collage of our mermaids! I actually don't know where any of those four are.

It was very exciting, for an otherwise boring weeknight.

I promise we'll have good adventures soon... just getting lots of work stuff done for now.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Damson is Here!

Damson has arrived!!!

First, he was greeted by Piper, the other LV I'm hosting as an angel for the last swap:

They're going to be great buddies and share adventures!

Then, Damson met Gimli, my kitty:

And then, Piper and Damson helped me figure out which clothes I'm going to take to Toronto in two weeks!