Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Damson in Toronto

What an exhausting weekend! We had flight delays (first the kind where they cancel your flight before you're even headed to the airport, then the kind where you sit boarded at the gate and wait for someone to fix part of the airplane), excessive walking (we were originally sent away from the Rogers Centre for my purse being too big), etc. etc. BUT we're home now, and we had a bunch of fun in Toronto!
At the concert in the Rogers Centre... pretty sure that's about 10,000 people behind him!

Avicii is on!

Pretty fountain

Travel buddies!

Damson and Piper check out some public art

Lake Ontario!

The CN Tower

More public art for Piper & Damson

The CN Tower from further away

We visited Toronto's Chinatown...

...and tried spicy Dan Dan Noodles!

My travel buddy, Christopher, makes faces with Damson
while we wait for our planes to arrive at the Toronto airport


So we're back, safe and sound, and have lots more adventures on the way! If it seems like we didn't do much in Toronto, we were only there two days (after an initial 17-hour delay because of storms keeping us from leaving Norfolk) over a holiday weekend (Monday was Victoria Day) so a lot of things were closed. And my legs beg to differ... Damson isn't feeling it because he had me to carry him around in my purse, but I had to walk everywhere, and my legs are sore!

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