Saturday, May 31, 2014

Around Home

Damson and I spent the majority of last weekend cleaning the apartment, and he wanted to show off some of our hard work. Also a little bit of fun...

Can you find Damson among the knick-knacks? (Yes, a lot of our photo frames
are empty or still have the models in them... a few of them were wedding gifts
and I haven't ordered prints of the wedding photos yet.)

A shelf that has been plaguing me is now neat and orderly!
(If you're wondering about that thing on top, it's a cassette tape box
that my dad hand-lettered, probably before I was born.
It's upside-down because I can't make it balance on the handle.)

Gimli says we can't fold laundry just now. He's too busy shedding all over the black shirts.

After we rearranged where all the clothes go, we needed Post-It notes to
remind us where we put everything!

Crafting break! Damson is handy with a cross-stitching needle!

Another break, this time for WoW.

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